I see you

I see you. There's so much going on right now, you don't have time to stop and breathe, let alone think.

I see you. You ask yourself, "there must be more to life than this?"
"What happened?"

I see you. You crash into the weekend, still juggling all the things you wished you'd done or words you wished you'd said. Wishing you could live the life you want to live instead of the life other people want you to live.

I see you. You've hit the snooze button too many times, dragged yourself into the clothes you need to wear to look the part, to fit in, to make a good impression…. you fix the smile on your face - the mask telling the world that everything is ok.

I know you're thinking that this isn't what you had planned for your life, but you can't imagine how it could be different.

I know you wish you could step out of reality for a while. Put aside the should dos and should bes, forget for a while that you are a mum, a daughter, a boss, a wife, a colleague, and just be you. Who even are you? You stop sometimes and wonder, don't you? Where did she go, when did you lose her?

I know you're telling yourself "pull yourself together, keep going, you can do this. Everyone else manages, just get on with it!" and, "don't be so ungrateful, you've got so much to be happy about!"

And I know, that every time you hear that, your heart sinks a little. You pull your shoes and coat on. Sigh. Time to face the day.

I want you to know there IS more joy, more hope, more meaning, out there for you. Your dreams are possible. Even the ones you forgot you had.

I want you to know that it IS possible to feel alive again. To laugh, to smile. To want to get out of bed and welcome the day. To say yes - and no - wholeheartedly and confidently. To trust.

I want you to know that it IS possible to stop, to find space, to explore, and for the world not to fall apart. That on the other side, is so much happiness.

Let me show you. Let me show you that it doesn't have to be such a struggle. That there is another way. You're right - there IS more to life than this.

Let me take your hand and guide you.

Let me show you that everything you need is inside of you, and that you have access to courage and vitality you didn't know you had.

Let me show you how to come alive.

Come and have a chat. I'm here, I'm listening.

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