My story…and a very special tribute

I’ve always vowed to be as open and honest about my own journey as I can. I believe there’s so much value in authenticity, especially when you are asking people to trust you in a way they may never have trusted another person before.

And so, today, I share a very special post. In honour of someone very precious to me, who helped me walk the path that led me here, to you, today.

Someone I lost, a year ago today. The beautiful, funny, deeply caring and life-changing Carrie Rose.

She was my counsellor, coach, mentor and co-conspirator, and she touched my life so profoundly that you’d barely recognise the woman I was before I met her.

She saw strength, when I felt weak. 
She saw courage, when I felt scared. 
She saw future, when I felt trapped. 
She saw hope, when I felt hopeless.

She believed in me, when I couldn’t believe in myself. She helped me find my wings.

Her death last year was sudden, unexpected and utterly tragic. A true light in this world went out. And yet, her light shines on, in all whose lives she touched.

I often wonder what she’d make of my current adventures. I wish I could talk to her, tell her. And yet, I know she knows.

I’m glad I told her often, how much she meant to me and how grateful I was for her support. I know she knew. I could tell from the emotion in her eyes. It doesn’t stop me wishing I could tell her again.

A few weeks ago I had the honour of being invited to share my story in a One of many guest blog. I’d never told my story quite so publicly before, and yet, it felt important.

And so, I told it. The last few years of it, at least. Yet still I hesitated to share it more widely. It’s a vulnerable place, sharing so openly.

But today, on the anniversary of Carrie’s death, it seems fitting to share the story that she was such an intrinsic part of. A tribute, if you like. My honouring of her life.

I hope it may give you hope and courage, when things seem hard. I hope it may give you faith, when everything seems lost. I hope it reminds you that you are stronger than you think, and that dreams do come true.

I hope that in sharing a little of my story, you understand a little more about why I do what I do, and why I care so much. I hope you recognise a little of yourself, and remember that you, too, have wings.

Thank you Carrie. You are loved, appreciated, and never ever forgotten 


To read my guest blog for One of many, follow the link below:…/guest-post-6-lessons-from-taking…/

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