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One Day Wildfulness Retreat


Saturday 24th April 2021 (fully booked)
Sunday 9th May 2021 (spaces available)


Rest. Reconnect. Re-energise. Reawaken.

Escape the noise and busyness of life and spend a day in the woods away from it all, gathered around the fire with a small, supportive group of like-minded women.

Wild but comfortable, rustic but replenishing, this one day retreat is fun, spacious, and deeply nourishing at a soul level. You'll slow down, get back to basics and reconnect to yourself and to nature. You'll cook together over the campfire, find peace and calm through guided Wildfulness practices, and even try your hand at lighting your very own fire from scratch.

The theme of this retreat is "Awakening", exploring and celebrating the arrival of Spring and everything it heralds - in both our inner and outer worlds.

As the woodland floor turns into a carpet of green, white and blue, and the buds burst forth on greening branches, what can tuning into Nature’s springtime teach us about our own inner spring - our own energy, our own desires, and our own reawakening?

Saturday 24th April 2021 (fully booked)
Sunday 9th May 2021 (spaces available)


Nailsworth, Gloucestershire



Here's what previous attendees have had to say

"I absolutely LOVED my day in the woods with Jen and the other wonderful ladies!  It was soooooo good to take the time away from my busy world and contemplate quietly in such beautiful and peaceful surroundings, sat around the fire and ‘letting go’ of stuff that so often gets in our way.  I feel re-connected, grounded, and restful and really loved every single aspect of our day. Jen is like a female version of Bear Grylls, and yet, so gentle and compassionate. The time sat around the fire, and just ‘being’ and spending time ‘getting lost’ in the woods, and enjoying being truly in the moment, was such a tonic. Thank YOU!"


"Before today I didn't know what I wanted however during the day I found the time and magic space to breathe. I'm now looking forward to getting out in nature more often."

"Jen has such a beautiful energy that is contagious and I feel very safe."


"What has been most transformational for me is growing in confidence to be in nature alone, and letting go of some emotional baggage and tension from lockdown."

"Jen is fabulous, knowledgeable, kind, welcoming and challenging - in a good way!"

"I enjoyed building fires, cooking over the fire, chatting and connecting, time on my own with a focus/purpose, and the games!"


Here's what previous attendees have had to say

"Jen always manages to deliver peace and connection, a safe space to grow and live."


"I wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. I got a lot out of it - it's become clearer in the days since that it pressed some kind of reset button and I've felt calmer and happier. You really managed to create a unique space and I feel very lucky to have been able to benefit from it."

"A great way to be reinvigorated - cheaper and more effective than a holiday!"

"Before today I felt somewhat overwhelmed, tired and burnt out, I felt I needed some me time and space. During the day I let go, went with the flow and enjoyed just "being" at one with nature, and breathing!"


Feedback from previous one day events:

"Thank you for a magical day. I connected with some wonderful people and learnt a bit more about where I, personally, find joy. A wonderful, life-affirming day. Thank you Jen." - Fiona Galbraith

"I loved the sense of being out in the unknown, and sitting around the fire with the others, sharing our challenges and successes." - Amparo Torregrosa

"Before today I had no idea what my future would hold or how I would get there, however during the day I have discovered that and realised that actually I CAN trust myself. I'm now looking forward to the future!" - Carrie-Anne Hutchings

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