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"Jen has been a life changer! I have noticed a real difference in how I think and approach situations, not only at work but in my social life too. The sessions are structured in such a way that you notice the progression but also feel that you can discuss anything you want or need to. I feel more confident in my decisions and the way I convey them, and feel she has helped me transform from a follower to more of a leader - without being too assertive or having to change my personality (which was a concern at the beginning). I would recommend Jen without hesitation. She's patient, caring, and listens without judgement, but also gives advice when needed and gently ensures you continue to grow and progress."

Pippa Evans, Osteopath and Business Owner


“I decided to work with Jen because I knew I had stuff to look at. Life was ok, but not brilliant. I was feeling unfulfilled and thinking there must be more to life than this. I was living the life other people wanted for me, not the life I wanted for myself.

Working with Jen gave me a sounding board. Feeling safe, with space, nurturing support and the occasional nudge, helped me realise I was wrapped up in feelings, fear and emotion, rather than focusing on what I wanted. Jen’s reflections and encouragement gave me the momentum I needed to make important decisions. I wouldn’t have got to where I am now (reducing my hours at work and starting my own business) without it - I wouldn’t have had the courage.

I enjoyed how Jen made our sessions fun and we had some laughs - it wasn’t too serious! Jen has a relaxed, open and encouraging style, non-invasive but “pokey” where necessary, and she created space to let me draw my own threads. Life now is still scary sometimes but more exciting! Things have moved on a lot for me since working with Jen - there are lots of opportunities and more hope, and life is more interesting. I’m listening to my inner voice, I have more confidence to do things in spite of what other people think, and challenge isn’t so scary.”

Karen Briggs

Founder, Karen Briggs Colour Coaching

"I approached Jen as I was keen to find new perspectives on the challenges and potential of being a successful woman in work and at home. The rigour of weekly sessions and the principles Jen gently introduced have led to increased balance and perspective. I've managed to elevate family time and presence at home with no detriment at work, in fact positive overall. I am more patient with my kids and I feel that my relationship with them has opened up, and at the same time I've become more confident in my abilities at work. Life is much happier now!"


"I Queen-ed up! And I didn't stress at all, not one bit 🙂 Was nervous but excited, rather than nervous terrified. You helped me enormously, thank you so much!"

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"I was SO desperate for something like this to come along. [The coaching programme] helps you see things in a different way and gives you great, practical ideas of how to better understand yourself, and how to move forward, and to find yourself closer to where you'd like to be. Jen was amazing. So helpful, positive, reassuring and encouraging. I consider myself very fortunate."

Lucy Hay

Feedback for "Sparkle!"

Antonia looking after the marshmallow sticks!

"What a fabulous day. I feel I have had a chance to really listen to myself and will go away with a deeper understanding of what makes me happy. The whole experience felt very inclusive and honest and it was good to see how we all worked together!" - Antonia Stokes

"Before today I was a little apprehensive, however during the day I relaxed and going forwards I feel a little bit more self-aware." - Fiona Galbraith

"This type of event is so needed by males and females of all ages!" - Helen Akiyama

"I really enjoyed the whole day but I most liked lighting the campfire! I didn't really go out for walks in the woods before but I really liked it and I will do more walking in the future." - Baiba Volksone

"I loved the sense of being out in the unknown, and sitting around the fire with the others, sharing our challenges and successes." - Amparo Torregrosa

"I loved the mixture of being outdoors but then coming in to warm up by the fire. [The venue] was a lovely space and the food was fab!" - Antonia Stokes

"I didn't think I was ready or needed bereavement counselling however during the day I realised I need to talk through my feelings so I am going to start the process and find someone to talk to." - Paul Bassett

"Thank you Jen - you're amazing!" - Helen Akiyama

"I find it difficult to switch off but during the day I learned to let go and going forwards I intend to treat myself to some more liberating and joyful "me" time!" - Amparo Torregrosa

"Thank you for a magical day. I connected with some wonderful people and learnt a bit more about where I, personally, find joy. A wonderful, life-affirming day. Thank you Jen." - Fiona Galbraith

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