Interested in training or team building for your team or organisation?

Do your team suffer from stress, burnout or a lack of motivation? Are traditional goal-setting and time management techniques not working? Do you want to support your employees and colleagues to feel happier, more creative and confident?

Jen brings a refreshing and engaging approach to training, weaving her experience in corporate financial services with her training as a certified women's coach and trainer and her many wild adventures.

Definitely not your average corporate trainer in approach, Jen nevertheless covers sought-after and topical subjects such as women's leadership without burnout, time and energy secrets for busy women, heart-centred planning and finding clarity, connection and courage.

Jen is a Certified Women's Coach and Trainer with One of many™ and a highly-praised and inspiring speaker in her own right.

Jen offers on-site trainings ranging from 1.5 hours to full days, or off-site full day workshops incorporating training and team-building/personal development style activities in the woods, fully bespoked to your needs.

To find out more, book a no-obligation discovery call to discuss your needs.


Feedback about Jen

"Jen created such an amazing day and atmosphere of safety, space and understanding. Her wise guidance has made this a truly memorable and transformational day."

"Jen has a relaxed, open and encouraging style, non-invasive but “pokey” where necessary, and she created space to let me draw my own threads."

"Jen's style is light and open, passionate and engaging. She holds the space for everyone well, with no judgement."

"Jen has such a beautiful energy that is contagious and I feel very safe."

"The most valuable thing about working with Jen is her presence and her spirit of curiosity, challenge and kindness. She has a way of holding you with absolute safety while playfully and skilfully holding up limiting ideas she is hearing and questioning them together with you."

"Jen's light touch but deeply held leadership skills are exquisite."

"Jen is like a female version of Bear Grylls, and yet, so gentle and compassionate."