What do I do?

When people ask me “what do you do?” I often find it hard to answer. I “do” many things! But clients don’t come to me for what I “do”. They come to me for what opens up for them, through working with me.

Courage. Freedom. Possibility. Aliveness. Thriving. Hope. Peace. Confidence. Joy.

I don’t “do” ‘coaching’ by the hour because quite frankly, I don’t believe you can create lasting change in an hour’s session. I work with my clients for a minimum of 12 sessions (or an intensive VIP day of 6 hours), and I’m not interested in working with people who want a “quick fix”. But what do I “do” in those sessions?

The short answer is, it depends!

It depends on what my client needs! We are all unique and while there are some standard ‘tools’ I’ll probably use with most of my clients I have multiple modalities that I’ll draw on depending on what I feel she is ready for and what is going to give her the most helpful transformation. Every programme starts with an in-depth consultation so I can start to map my client’s journey – from lost in the woods of her life to standing on top of the hill admiring the view – and I’ll draw on different tools as we go.

It might be some tools to help her handle the hectic-ness of her busy day to day life where she feels she is giving so much to other people she doesn’t have time for herself.

It might be a deeper dive into her limiting beliefs, taking her through some release processes so she can let go of what is holding her back.

It might be helping her embody the women’s PowerTypes™ to give her a new experience of powerful energy, so she can live her life with more ease, grace and confidence.

It might be getting some separation from her niggling Inner Critic who belittles, demotivates and demoralises her, so she can step up and ask for what she truly wants in life – and believe she deserves it.

It might be sending her for a walk in the woods, to find calm, connection and simple joy.

It might be teaching her to make fire, or forage for Nature’s harvest, so she feels a deeper sense of connection, creativity and courage.

It might be some heart-centred planning so she gets clarity on what she really wants from life – and some clear actionable steps to get there.

So you’ll see…the question is not really “what do I do?” but “what do you want?”

So, what do you want? If you’re not sure, or you want help finding out, drop me a message and let’s chat.

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