When you’re feeling lost…

Feeling lost can be pretty scary…whether that’s physically, geographically, emotionally or spiritually. I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves lost geographically from time to time (more times than I’d really like to admit, to be honest, in my many years of hiking!), but more and more often I’m meeting people who feel lost more generally in their lives. Not only lost, but feeling that this is A Bad Thing.

Scarily, these people are usually pretty successful, happy individuals on the surface. They work hard, have good jobs, successful businesses, loving families. Feeling lost feels, well, shameful? Ungrateful? Ridiculous? Weak? Fraudulent? All of the above?

I believe that’s partly because culturally, it always feels like we are told we “should” be aiming for something…for someone…for somewhere. Ambition, purpose, goals and productivity are celebrated, admired, encouraged. So when we feel lacking in any or all of those, or we decide to purposefully step off the path for a little while, suddenly we lose some of society’s major points of reference. Some of society’s key measures of value. We fall off the nice orderly grid and can appear and feel lost, directionless or – heaven forbid! – lazy.

But what if…..

What if being lost is part of the journey?

What if time out is actually time to retreat. To replenish. To reconnect.
To re-energise?

What if in that space, in that directionless-ness, we learn to tune into and understand who we really are?

What if that feeling of unease and discomfort we feel is actually the waymarker we’ve been looking for, pointing in the direction we truly want to go?

What if being lost, is actually the way to find ourselves again?

What if being lost, is actually exactly where you’re meant to be right now?

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