WildFire Retreats

Want to really get away from it all? Up for a more immersive experience? Join me for a private or small-group retreat in a beautiful wild location. Glorious nature, delicious food and a range of activities to help you create the space you need to rest, reconnect and re-energise.

Choose between a one day, three day or four day retreat, in the woods or on Dartmoor. Details of upcoming small-group retreats can be found by clicking on the links below. If you're interested in a private retreat, contact me for more information.

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One Day Wildfulness Retreat

One Day Wildfulness Retreat
Rest. Reconnect. Re-energise.

Escape the noise and busyness of life and spend a day in the woods away from it all, gathered around the fire with a small, supportive group of like-minded women.

Wild but comfortable, rustic but replenishing, these seasonally-themed one day retreats are fun, spacious, and deeply nourishing at a soul level.

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Go Wild: Woodland Retreat

GoWild: Woodland Retreat
A three day Woodland Wildfulness Retreat

It's time to Rest. Reconnect. Re-energise. Join me as we gather around the campfire for two days and two nights in a beautiful private woods in rural Gloucestershire. A small, intimate group, sleeping in tents and/or hammocks in our own mini-village among the trees, we'll be living simply and enjoying spaciousness - a rare treat in our busy lives.

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Go Wild: Dartmoor Retreat

GoWild: Dartmoor Retreat
A four day Wildfulness Retreat on the edge of the moors.

My Dartmoor retreat is a chance to really go wild! For this retreat we journey up to a secluded, off-grid cabin, situated at the top of a beautiful river valley right on the south-eastern edge of the moor. Not for the faint-hearted, but oh so special!

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Feedback from previous retreats

"What a special weekend. Whittling sticks for stirring food and baking bread over the open fire, foraging for natural tinder and rosehips for tea, cooking and tending the fire as a village, sharing stories, songs and ourselves. Thank you to Jen, our wonderful guide, whose light touch but deeply held leadership skills are exquisite. I thoroughly recommend making sure you get an invite to her next Wildfulness Retreat!"

"Before the retreat I was unsure what to expect however during the weekend I realised not having a fixed plan or knowing what was coming was part of the fun. I'm now looking forward to allowing more space to see what happens in the rest of my life."

"I loved all the beautiful offerings from the group - poems, songs, stories, games, love, support, food and laughter. So simple, so special."

"Jen is fabulous, knowledgeable, kind, welcoming and challenging - in a good way!"

"Back safely from my Wilderness Retreat with Jen and another five "wild women". Such a fabulous weekend. It was great to have so much time in the open and "me-time". Lots of fire making, whittling, walks, fresh air, food cooked on the fire, and LOADS of laughs! Thank you Wilderness buddies!"


"I enjoyed connecting with such a fabulous group of women, to help me expand my thinking and my comfort zone, and having the time to just think about me. Before this retreat I loved nature but wouldn't consider camping, however I'm now looking forward to the next camping trip! Mr W is going to think I'm nuts!"

"What has been most transformational for me is growing in confidence to be in nature alone, and letting go of some emotional baggage and tension from lockdown."

"The food was delicious! The stew was amazing - wholesome, healthy and tasty."

"Jen always manages to deliver peace and connection, a safe space to grow and live."

"I really needed space and to get away. During the retreat I really enjoyed disconnecting from "life" and reconnecting with Nature's timings and the heartbeat of the wood. It was so different to just going away with friends, and so different from my day to day life! It was great to have an experienced leader, and to have the permission to switch off, to not talk, to be introspective. My hair still smells of smoke even after two washes, but I wouldn’t change any of that for the world! I got a reboot, a reset. Like a laptop, changing the background, or glasses being cleaned, when I hadn't realised how dirty they were!"

"Jen has rekindled my love of being out in the wild"