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Want a more immersive experience? Join me for a private or small-group retreat in a beautiful venue away from it all. Glorious nature, delicious food and a range of activities to help you create the space you need to rest, reconnect and re-energise. Details of upcoming small-group retreats are below. If you're interested in a private retreat contact me for more information.

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Woodland Wildfulness Retreat 2021

Woodland Wildfulness Retreat
Friday 11th - Sunday 13th June 2021

It's time to Rest. Reconnect. Re-energise. Join me as we gather around the campfire for two days and two nights in a beautiful private woods in rural Gloucestershire. A small, intimate group, sleeping in tents and/or hammocks in our own mini-village among the trees, we'll be living simply and enjoying spaciousness - a rare treat in our busy lives.

This is not your average "retreat". Yes, it'll be deeply soul-nourishing and it'll also be profoundly transformational. And, this is not a fluffy-towels-and-waited-on-hand-and-foot type of retreat. This is rustic, off-grid, everyone-getting-stuck-in, back-to-basics living. If that doesn't fill you with a little bit of excitement (and yes, there may be some apprehension too - that's perfectly normal), then this probably isn't the retreat for you.

The delights of having a small intimate group is that the retreat will be co-created in line with what you most need at the time. But you can certainly expect fun, campfire-cooked food, songs, stories, new skills, deep replenishment, soul-searching, nature-connection, shared wisdom and a deeper dive into joy, meaning and connection.

Investment: £595

There are limited places so if you're interested email me ASAP at [email protected] so I can let you know how to secure yours!

Feedback from previous events

"Jen is fabulous, knowledgeable, kind, welcoming and challenging - in a good way!"

"What has been most transformational for me is growing in confidence to be in nature alone, and letting go of some emotional baggage and tension from lockdown."

"The food was delicious! The stew was amazing - wholesome, healthy and tasty."

"Jen always manages to deliver peace and connection, a safe space to grow and live."


Feedback from previous events

"I enjoyed the time spent with like-minded, open-minded women all of whom were happy to get stuck in."

"The venue was really natural (no airs and graces) - Wildness!"

"It was both energising and relaxing at the same time. I feel totally replenished."


"Jen has such a beautiful energy that is contagious and I feel very safe."

Want to join us? Email me ASAP at [email protected] to claim your space!


What are the timings?

You'll arrive after lunch on Friday, and leave after lunch on Sunday.

Are meals included?

Yes. The retreat includes breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks while you are there. The food will be simple and wholesome and we will come together to cook over the campfire. Most major dietary requirements will be catered for. If you have very specific requirements please let me know.

I'm not very outdoorsy/I'm nervous about being out in Nature. Is this for me?

You don't have to be a die-hard outdoorsy person to enjoy and benefit from this retreat. In fact it is designed for those who wouldn't necessarily go camping or out on their own, but who feel drawn to nature and would like to experience what it's like to immerse yourself in nature in a safe way. This will be a safe compassionate space for you to explore what it is like to be truly out in nature, with the support of Jen and other like minded women. However, this is not for the faint hearted! This retreat will challenge you - indeed that is one of the reasons it is so transformational. You may well meet your "edge", so you must be prepared for that. If you are willing to explore courage and are willing to be a little bit uncomfortable in the name of connecting with yourself and nature even more profoundly, then yes, this retreat is for you.

Do I need my own camping gear?

Ideally, yes, although I do have a couple of small tents and hammocks that you can hire for the weekend (£20), which will be available on a first-come-first-served basis. If you bring your own tent it MUST be a small 1-2 person tent (not a big family tent) as, being a woods, space is limited! You will need to bring your own bedding/mattresses etc. More information about what you need to bring with you will be provided when you book, but if you have any questions do feel free to email me to ask.

Are there loos and showers?

There is a basic camp toilet tent but no showers. This is truly back to basics! We will assemble a rustic screened washing area for a classic woodland "bucket wash" for those that want the opportunity to freshen up or want to experience outdoor bathing! Many women think they will find this one of the most challenging aspects of the retreat but it just becomes part of the adventure.

What if it rains?

We'll dance in it! 😉 Rain is just another adventure.

Yes, it will change some of our activities slightly however we have three canopied areas under which we can gather, including our main space around the fire. If you've ever been under canvas in a rain shower you'll know how heavenly it can be....imagine sipping steaming mugs of tea or hot chocolate, feeling the fuzzy warmth of the fire on your face, listening to the pitter patter of raindrops on the canvas and in the trees.....

What else is included?

Bonuses include a follow up group circle (online) following the retreat and a 1-1 session with Jen.

Ready to jump in? Need to know more?

You may have more questions, or you may just want to trust your gut, jump in and claim your spot. Either way, email me at [email protected] and let's chat.


Heads up - DARTMOOR retreat 2021!


Thursday 5th - Sunday 8th August 2021

More details to come, but register your interest early as this is already proving popular - with two spaces gone already! Email me at [email protected] and let's chat about whether it's right for you and how to secure your spot.