WildFire Walks

Monthly - first Sunday afternoon of each month

Next Wildfire Walk:
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Lineover Wood, London Road, Cheltenham

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WildFire Walks

Do you love the idea of getting out in nature more regularly but are nervous of walking on your own, or don't know where to go? Do you enjoy seeing the bluebells glowing brightly in a sunlit glade, but forget what time of year they appear? Or love the crisp smell of fresh air and the burning-bright colour of autumn leaves, but never quite find the time to get out for that walk you promised yourself...? Wondered what that tree is, or whether you can eat those berries?

These monthly 2-3 hour walks take you on a journey through the year. You'll discover the bursting brilliance of Spring unfurling her finery in soft greens and whites and pinks, spot wildflowers and butterflies and listen to melodious birdsong as Summer brings warmth and life and golden light. Wrap up warm, stomp through crunchy leaves and forage for Nature's harvest as Autumn prepares the woods for their annual sleep, and delight in crisp, frosty mornings, holly and mistletoe and the clear light that Winter brings.

A magical way to get back touch with Nature's seasons whilst finding some time and space for yourself to relax, reflect and enjoy the rosy-cheeked satisfaction of a good walk!

WildFire Walking is about taking the time to rest, reconnect and re-energise, combining the restorative and uplifting power of being out and about in nature with tools I use in my transformational coaching programmes. It's so more than just a walk....we'll explore what's happening at this time of year in the woods, we'll stop, we'll listen, we'll reflect. It's a mini-escape from the busyness of every day life, with time to connect with likeminded souls and space to breathe and tune into what really makes you feel alive.

As always, we'll pause for a mid-afternoon tea and biscuit break - bring your thermos and something to sit on!

I look forward to sharing the woods with you this month xx

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Each month's WildFire Walk has a different focus. This month we move from Spring into Summer and explore the growing abundance of life, colour and energy, both in the woods and in ourselves. It's a particularly beautiful time of year to be out and about in the woods and there is a lot to see, hear, smell, taste and touch. Come prepared to really explore your five senses!

Of course, these walks are also about exploring what the woods have to offer at this time of year. This month we'll find wildflowers starting to emerge in woodland glades and the meadow, while the pungent heady scent of wild garlic wafts through the woods on the breeze and its abundant white flowers carpet the woodland floor. We might still pick some leaves for some end-of-season pesto. The main bounty this month though is elderflower! The frothy white flowers smell beautiful and we will collect some for you to take home and turn into elderflower champagne, one of my favourite - and perhaps one of the more well-known - foraging delights.

The deciduous trees really are finally back in the game after their long 'sleep' over winter - with explosions of vibrant youthful green leaves bringing the woods to life. Birdsong abounds throughout the wood, from woodpeckers to tits to ravens to songbirds - this time of year it's all about finding a partner, so they're all making particular effort!


"I had a wonderful afternoon. I thoroughly enjoyed the walk and seeing the beautiful scenery and wildlife, much of which would have gone unnoticed without your knowledge and guidance. My highlights included slipping and sliding in the snow (and only ending up on my bum once), enjoying the serenity and beauty of the great outdoors, the rainbow, the rain, the sun bursting through the trees, the majestic beech and signs of spring growth. I'm really looking forward to the coming months' walks to see the changes in the seasons." - Paul Bassett

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