Explore your natural strengths

Discover your own natural strengths and qualities by taking the One of many™ Women's PowerTypes™ Profile.

Understand more about yourself, why you're getting the results you're getting and where your potential challenges might lie, then start showing up more powerfully, authentically and sustainably.

You'll get your own personalised report followed by a 60 minute, 1-1 debrief session with Jen to help you really understand your results and embrace your unique potential.

Debrief package includes:

  • PowerTypes profile (RRP £76)
  • Personalised report
  • 60 minute debrief session with Jen
  • Option to purchase a stunning set of Women's PowerType™ cards at 15% discount (RRP £19.95)

Your investment: £97


Clicking on the button below will take you to Jen's online scheduling page so you can book your debrief right away! Once you've booked in you will be sent payment instructions and, once payment is received, a link to the profiling tool. Exciting times!

Find your PowerTypes™

The Women's PowerTypes provide the foundation for the majority of the coaching work I do with my clients. They are archetypes that we all have natural access to, to a greater or lesser degree, and they each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Learning to consciously access and balance the five different PowerTypes (Warrioress, Lover, Mother, Queen and Sorceress) can help you say goodbye to Superwoman, and live a more empowered, sustainable, less stressful and (from personal experience!) happier life.

The PowerTypes profile is a tool researched, designed and built by One of many. It's purposefully designed by women, for women! The tool takes the form of a questionnaire which generates a report containing your personal profile, showing how active each PowerType is for you.

By taking the test, you get to understand your own unique strengths, gain greater insights into why you're getting the results you're getting and to throw light on some of your current challenges.

In your debrief session we'll look at your profile results in more depth and explore what they mean when applied to a specific context in your life - it might be you want to look at work, life, relationships, or health, for example. You'll come away with a deeper understanding of yourself, and some actions you could take to bring a little more of what you want into your life.

"Goodness me - so many different insights in such a short space of time! Jen has wonderful way of holding the space with you - encouraging, gentle and loving. I'd thoroughly recommend working with her!"

Jenny Stewart - Jenny Stewart: Photographs Real Life