Why "WildFire"?

I believe that we all have a flame flickering inside of us, a spark that, if nurtured, can blaze brightly and powerfully.

Our work at WildFire is about tapping into that inner flame - your inner flame - and helping you see that you have everything you need to lead an empowered and exceptional life.  A life that is happy, fulfilling, and sustainable. A life full of love; love for those around you, for the world you live in and, most importantly, for yourself.

How do we do that? Read on!

1-1 Coaching

You're pretty successful, relatively happy and you're doing everything you should be doing. And yet.....you're tired, stressed out and heading for burnout, or are just feeling generally unfulfilled and like there should be more to life than this...

Sound familiar? Yes! Help!

Chat to me about my 12 week "Powerful You" coaching programme designed specifically for professional women wanting to get more from life. Whether it's help to handle the day-to-day so you don't end up crashing into the weekend too tired to do the things that really bring you joy; help with stepping up into a position of leadership that terrifies you, or just permission and guidance to explore what you actually want from life but never give yourself the time or space to truly think about.

Find out how I can help you find a new way of showing up in your world, a way of being which is more powerful, authentic and sustainable, here.

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Need a breather? Feeling a little flat? Find space, serenity and joy on a restorative and uplifting "Sparkle!" day. Designed to help you rediscover joy, contentment and your brilliant "you-ness", this is a standalone day in small groups of likeminded people. We get out in nature with a range of activities to help you find that little bit of headspace and send you off feeling a little lighter, more connected, and with simple tools to help you sparkle in your busy life!

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WildFire Walks

A WildFire Walk is about taking the time to rest, reconnect and re-energise, combining my take on mindfulness with the restorative and uplifting power of being out and about in nature. So much more than just a walk...we'll explore what's happening at this time of year in the woods, we'll stop, we'll listen, we'll reflect. It's a monthly mini-escape from the busy-ness of everyday life, with time to connect with like-minded souls and space to breathe and tune into what really makes you feel alive.

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1-1 VIP days

Find space to breathe and a more powerful way of showing up in the world, all in one day! VIP days are bespoke, immersive, focused days; just you, me and nature. Intense yet spacious, gentle yet transformative, you'll leave feeling refreshed, empowered and with more clarity on who you are, where you're going, and what you want to get out of your life.

Sound good? Let's have a chat to explore what's right for you.

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WildFire Retreats

Want a more immersive experience? Join me for a private or small group retreat in a beautiful venue away from it all.  Glorious nature, delicious food and a range of activities to help you rest, reconnect and re-energise. Contact me for more information or to book your retreat.

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WildFire Unleashed!

Ready to really step up and dive deep, in order to explore the life you really want to live? Talk to me about "WildFire Unleashed", a transformational 6-month programme helping you find and truly unleash your own Wild Fire through 1-1 coaching, immersive retreats, nature-based activities and on-going support. This is a dedicated, bespoke programme for truly committed individuals who are ready to demand more from life!

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If you want to know more, have any questions or want to have a chat about bespoking a programme to your needs, please get in touch!